Until The Quiet Comes Comes

Just because.

This has been out over a week and the leak for half that, but tonight, alone, listening to the proper stream on NPR, my excitement is reborn.  There are details, sharp edges and vocal snapshots bursting out at me, entire stretches brimming with instrumentation I haven’t noticed.  I listened to the leak ten times and haven’t heard the album like this.  My thought confirmed:  the vinyl leak is muffled, distant and compressed sounding.  Everything’s in there, buried then rendered in high fidelity.  I kept wanting to lean inward and focus on the elements I knew were inside.  It’s a treat to know that what I’ll be receiving in a couple weeks is even better than what fans have been going nuts over.

Stream the entire album here:

Flying Lotus – Until The Quiet Comes

[NPR stream]

Thanks, NPR.  Also a question: why can’t your player embed?

Also here is the video for first single Putty Boy Strut.  Regardless of how you feel about this song, remember that with this man’s work, it’s all about context.

[Pre-order the album from Bleep, especially if you want the ridiculous collectors edition like I do.]

One thought on “Until The Quiet Comes Comes

  1. Re: Ocean Roar and “leaking”Post by shorton on Aug 4, 2012, 10:39amI think the simple explanation is that there’s an appetite to hear your music, Phil. There’s a lot of anticipation surrounding new releases from artists whose music you enjoy (I’m sure you can relate to that), so when a link appears promising that album 3/4 weeks before it’s actual release, it’s pretty enticing, particularly when one considers all of those fans who are already enjoying it. Dare I say it’s something resembling jealousy? Certainly, of my friends who listen to your music, many are the ‘buying type’, but that doesn’t stop them from downloading leaks, for the simple reason that they want to be one of the first to hear what you’re releasing. As for those doing the uploading, I have no idea whatsoever. ‘Wolfticketsden’ probably got it right when he suggested money was the main motivation. I’d be surprised if those doing it were actual, real fans of your music. In truth, I owe my passion for your music to illegal downloads. Without them I might never have found your albums. Though personally, I could never completely enjoy those records until I could hold them in my hands, inspect the artwork, etc. Owning physical records makes listening to music much more of an ‘event’. It’s far too easy to trawl the internet whilst half-heartedly listening to a downloaded album through your computer speakers; making a cup of tea and sitting alone in your room with a record is a much more intimate (and therefore rewarding) experience, I guess I buy your records because I long for that experience, as opposed to listening to poor quality mp3’s from a leak, and it’s for that reason that I haven’t downloaded the most recent leak (though I admit I did so for ‘Clear Moon’, which I had already pre-ordered).


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