Sam Hatzaras – 2007-2012

This is fun and fantastic. Psychedelic, hypnagogic, sampledelic. As I said to a friend yesterday: It’s what I listened to when I was in an Ash Ra Tempel mood. Yet actually, thanks to the external memory I can see that I actually said, “I’m in an Ash Ra Tempel kinda mood but this fits perfectly. Even though it’s more like Avalanches.” So there’s that.

I’d like to thank whoever reposted some blog’s mention of this a few weeks ago, and return the favor by sharing with everyone else. The original vinyl – all 30 copies! – has been sold out, but thankfully you can stream all you’d like or download and put it on your portable.

ALSO: if you have never heard Since I Left You just sit back and take it all in, focusing on what your life has been missing.  It’s here.

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