In Heaven [mixtape]

So I made another mix. Close friends have heard it, and I feel it’s time I shared it here. This was an attempt to capture my outlook right now. Or then, rather. There are distinct first and second halves, and I feel that the latter could be a “healing” side. It’s definitely a warmer, rising sensation. There’s more than that, but the sound is what matters.

It’s called In Heaven.

Download the mp3 version here.

These are some of the most profound and beautiful songs I’ve had in my life recently.  Some of them are old favorites and some are fresh discoveries.  The mix pivots closely around two sides of this.. thing.  It tells a story.  There’s flying, falling, dreams and fears and something lurking always in the background.  I know no one else feels the through-line in all of this like I do, but I hope you feel something real and enjoy the journey.  I will post a full track list in the comments shortly, but for now I’ll take guesses.

The sun is rising
The ocean is shining
We are smiling
It’s getting better
It’s time for action
Time for action

– Yoko Ono

Here are my other mixtapes.

8 thoughts on “In Heaven [mixtape]


    Terry Riley – In The Summer
    Laetitia Sadier – Silent Spot
    Swans – Warm
    Coil – Triple Sun
    David Lynch – In Heaven (Lady In The Radiator Song)
    How To Dress Well – Here, In Heaven 3 (cover)
    Ryan Teague – Fantasia For Strings
    Yoko Ono – Healing
    Milton Nascimento & Lo Borges – Clube da Esquina
    Actress – N.E.W.
    Frank Ocean – Pink Matter
    Alvarius B. – Naturally Absolute
    Virginia Astley – A Summer Long Since Passed

    Special thanks to Avalanches for Relaxing inside and beneath and all around.


    • It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? Ono is one of the brightest jewels in the art world; the unfortunate millstone of history around her neck prevents wider acceptance, I feel, and we are all more impoverished for it.

      If you’d like to hear the album this track came from, let me know!


  2. this just came up on a collection-wide shuffle and by the time swans were sweeping through my speakers i was like WHO IS THIS. took a minute to track down where i got it! so far it’s s stellar set, seamlessly segued. looking forward to the rest. cheers from seattle.


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