Gaussian Curve – The Distance

Serendipity: I found Gaussian Curve thanks to Dam-Funk’s DJ-Kicks set, a sprawling mixture of funk, psychedelia, and groovy, ambient bliss. This project fit that last descriptor perfectly, laying out an enticing breadcrumb trail to the far edges of hazy consciousness; I could never resist. It’s since become one of my favorite ambient acts ever.

This set, like its 2014 predecessor Clouds, was recorded in a few days by the improvisational trio in an Amsterdam studio. The Distance may have grown the same jam session energy, but its structure feels more defined, its ambition reaching a little higher, while fully embracing the vaporous sense of spiritual comfort their project became known for.

Gigi Masin, Jonny Nash, and Young Marco have perfected an elegant delivery system for pure out-of-body bliss. I wrote about their debut as a trio, Clouds, but in the time since, The Distance has supplanted its meditative space.. The songs here mix the best aspects of relaxing jazz trio music and cascading-synth-pad studio ambient music, resulting in a naturalistic, dreamlike flow that felt unlike anything else released in 2017.

The Distance can be heard streaming and purchased on vinyl from its Bandcamp page.

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