David Bowie – I Can’t Give Everything Away


The video for the final song on David Bowie‘s final album has arrived. It was made without the man himself, of course; Bowie doesn’t appear on screen once. In fact, no one appears on screen. Using only text and minimalist graphics, the video pulses with life, propelled by the fallen star’s immortal energy.

You need to see I Can’t Give Everything Away:

The video begins with the Blackstar cover, breaking into a kaleidoscopic rendition of the incredible album artwork by designer Jonathan Barnbrook. Those familiar with the lavish booklet included in the vinyl edition will recognize the dynamic phrasing, the iconic font, and the urgent contrast of it all. The physical edition used glossy textures and stark framing to embody the final words of David Bowie. The video merely sets it all into motion. It’s as kinetic as a Pixar film, using only words and a romantic vision of space.

When colors suddenly burst through, the video warps into a psychedelic vortex. Rushing through multicolored galaxies as the song speeds toward its conclusion, a small astronaut figure appears. Appropriately enough, this little starman zooms into the distance, disappearing into the universe as the tune fades to silence.

As the weeks have passed since my musical hero’s death, I couldn’t help reflecting on how this final song is the perfect send off for a man who continually gave us more than we ever expected or deserved. In his final months, withering away beneath a front of vitality and ambition, he only wanted to do more for the world. The full embrace of his artistic talent was Bowie’s gift to the world, his way of making it a little better. This first posthumous work shows that his legacy will continue that quest into the distant future.

The day after David Bowie died, I wrote a lengthy eulogy, expressing exactly what he means to me and my life. As a fellow Bowie fan, I hope you read it and maybe think about what he meant to you, and still means. There’s been such a rich tapestry of heartfelt sentiment about this man in the weeks and months since he’s been gone. We’re all in it together.

2 thoughts on “David Bowie – I Can’t Give Everything Away

  1. Yes we are all in this together!! It’s SUCH a comfort. Great words again David. When the little Major Tom appeared on my screen I must confess to a tear… I appreciated the explosion of colour too. :) I’m personally not convinced of the need for this release but for a time it almost seems as though he is still among us.

    Cheers David! Sue x

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