Nite Funk – Am I Gonna Make It?

One of my favorite artists working today, the insanely talented Dam-Funk, got together with the nocturnally beguiling Nite Jewel one afternoon and crafted this vintage-future-shot of a dusky lovers’ jam.

Dam’s earnestly pleading vocals rise to the top of a hot mixture of boogie funk and classic sci-fi synths, boiling over as the song progresses into a rapturous muse on insecurity and apprehension. It’s simultaneously spookily unnerving yet comforting in its atmosphere, a retro haze blanket immediately familiar to anyone born in the early 80s or before. And for everyone else: this is 5 of the most sublime minutes heard for free this year so far.

4 thoughts on “Nite Funk – Am I Gonna Make It?

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