Nite-Funk – EP

Nite-Funk album cover

Nite Funk arrives after years of hot anticipation, fully living up to the cloistered hype that a handful of us have fostered ever since a seemingly one-off single was dropped in 2010. It was a beguiling, dusky pop tune from one of the most unlikely duos in modern music, this perfect forgotten gem, a single song that held the spark of so much untapped potential. This little EP proves that they knew it too.

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What I’m Into This Week (6/26 – 7/2)

Gigi Masin live

In the lead-up to the big 4th of July holiday weekend, I’ve spent almost every night working on a new mixtape. I’ve finally got my passion for mixing back and it feels incredible. Instead of months or years between tapes, I hope to make them a regular feature here.

However, this latest mix isn’t quite ready yet. It needs a little more polish before I publish next week. In the meantime, I want to share the best new music I’ve been into all week. At least one of these three things will make your hair stand on end.

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Nite Funk – Am I Gonna Make It?

One of my favorite artists working today, the insanely talented Dam-Funk, got together with the nocturnally beguiling Nite Jewel one afternoon and crafted this vintage-future-shot of a dusky lovers’ jam.

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