Seefeel – Quique

Seefeel Quique

Seefeel are an extraordinary, epoch-defining band, a group which one often finds name-checked in the write-ups of other essential music. Their debut album is a groundbreaking masterwork that exists far outside of time.

Yet still, they are a band almost everyone has managed to entirely avoid for years. I know that folly from experience and am hoping to both redeem my tardiness and prevent others from glossing over this sonic monument. In other words: take me seriously.

Quique manages to balance on the intersection of shoegaze, modern minimalism, and dub. The band never repeated nor equalled this watershed recording, but never needed to:  it’s just that perfect; no sequel or addendum is necessary. It’s a complete world unto itself, full of pulsing tones and softly shuffled beat patterns. If ever a genre was misnamed it would be trance, for this music truly exemplifies the literal meaning of that word.  From the opening throb of Climactic Phase 3 though the humming fadeout of Signals these 63 minutes take the listener on an utterly instinctual synaptic sojourn. As in: This is your brain. This is your brain on music.

You can buy the redux edition at boomkat or amazon, because you will need to once you’ve had that first taste. Quique can also be heard streaming on Spotify.

6 thoughts on “Seefeel – Quique

  1. amazing album indeed. I feel like Slowdive’s Souvlaki could be also mentioned here and it wouldn’t feel out of place


  2. Its not just Seefeel, alot of Cliffords projects are criminally underappreciated; Disjecta especially and also Sneakster.


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