Terry Riley – A Rainbow In Curved Air

I’ve previously referred to this compositional wizard.  Finally, an elucidation:  Terry Riley is one of the founding fathers of modern minimalism and, more subtly, inspiration to myriad genres and generations of popular music since his first groundbreaking compositions.  I’m here to share my love for A Rainbow In Curved Air

So I’m sharing this landmark recording.  The title cut is an unequivocal masterpiece.  Anyone speaking otherwise is obviously ‘out of their element’ and should, by all means, give it a listen.  There isn’t much to write in the way of a description, other than noting that this recording is analogous to a profound dream:  deeply affecting, nuanced, beautiful, yet devoid of concrete meaning.  The feelings evoked are an end unto themselves.  These sounds are subconscious and natural.  This composition is eternal.

Just listen.

[purchase at amazon and rejoice.  thank me later]

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