Claro Intelecto – Reform Club


Reform Club is the real deal: all sumptuous dark dub techno splashed with rubbery bass and halting percussion, sealed with a vacuum whoosh drift. Before last month, Claro Intelecto wasn’t even on my radar. Now I can’t wait to see if he ever returns.

I am always on the hunt for another perfect dub techno album. Because Deepchord’s Rod Modell set the bar so high with Liumin, it’s an unending quest. Still, I’ve discovered dozens of great, even near-perfect releases from around the globe. Some of these releases truly hit the spot for a while, like Claro Intelecto’s Reform Club.

For me, this album was an internet radio discovery, one of those moments where I hit pause and look up everything I can about the current song playing. Spotify was set to Rod Modell radio, naturally. I searched and found that the most recent album was from 2012, pressing play immediately. It was that kind of instant attraction.

This is dub techno as a minor-key epic, with sweeping movements that cross tracks and time, light digital string flows that grant a soundtrack feeling, and impeccable rhythm programming that urges me on and on to the next track and to repeat. Which is exactly what I always want in a techno album.

If a completely instrumental techno experience could be considered lyrical, this is what it’d sound like.

Here’s one of the gentlest tracks, Still Here:

The album is sold out on vinyl from label Delsin Records, but you can listen streaming on Spotify.

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