Deepchord Presents Echospace – Liumin


This is one of the best dub techno releases of all time. It’s a nighttime ride through the sonic world of an imagined Neo-Tokyo, on the bleeding edge of an inevitable cyberpunk reality. It’s a propulsive dream.

Rod Modell and Steve Hitchell, respectively two of my biggest Detroit and Chicago electronic music heroes, combined their powers to perfection with this release.

I don’t really have much to say about this right now. It’s just perfect – an actual perfect album. Liumin is an unending rollercoaster of sublime rhythm. It’s the kind of album that eats its own tail, looping back on itself and leaving you wanting to hear the whole thing again, right now. The entire set is laid over field recordings of Tokyo, a technique that has inspired me in my own mixtape making. It absolutely nails a certain type of crystalline neon soaked atmosphere that I frankly cannot ever get enough of.


Pictured: the inside of my head.

I made a huge mistake, not purchasing this CD when it was brand new, sitting in Amoeba Music in San Francisco. I picked the 2 disc set up, eyes glazed at the full set of isolated field recordings on the second platter… and set it down, thinking it was too pricey at $20-something. Now I’m lucky to see prices under $100 used on Discogs.

Anyway, I hope that, if you have never heard this before, you’re listening already. It’ll improve your day. If you happen to know where a reasonably priced copy can be found, please let me know!

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