Vince Staples – Lemme Know feat. Jhené Aiko & DJ Dahi


Vince Staples dropped one of the best albums of 2015 with Summertime ’06 a month ago. It’s one of the best hip-hop albums I’ve heard in years, up there with Kendrick and Killer Mike and Future and anybody else who’s had a mad flash of love on the internet in the 2010’s.

I’ve already shared the full album and the stunning (and fucking gut-punching) Señorita video, but a short drive today convinced me that Lemme Know needed to be singled out. Listen:

There’s something about that rollicking, open beat, rising and falling like gentle swells or deep abdominal breaths. The soft yet world-weary vocals from Jhené Aiko add a gritty sensuality, especially when paired up for a liquid duet in the middle of the song. The constant patter of background hand claps threaten to pour like a storm but never quite break. It’s an incredibly restrained performance that manages to feel as epic as an eruption.

I honestly can’t get enough of Staples or his album. His sound is audacious, intelligent, warm, biting, angry, and accepting all at once. He’s wise beyond his 22 years – catch his eminently quotable Twitter account – and is beyond bursting with potential. I can’t wait to hear what’s next, but Summertime ’06 is more than enough for now.

I’ll probably be posting a lot more from this guy.

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