Tuck In With… The Natural Yogurt Band

Tuck In With... Natural Yogurt Band

Living within minutes of the most exquisite record shop around – the fabled aQuarius Records – lends a handful of advantages to my evergreen quest for new music. Each time I step inside, I hear something infectious on the PA; more often than not it is truly new to me. Last time, The Natural Yogurt Band set the stage for intrigue.

“Authentic, psychedelic library vibes from the golden era meticulously recreated in the new millennium.” – thus reads the label’s tagline. This points in the right direction but does no justice to the experience of what they actually sound like. I can’t adequately do that either but I can describe what I feel.

This UK jazz duo ply an alien sea triangulated somewhere between vibraphone and flute laden chillout, exotic trance jam workouts a la ROVO, and the funk & soul rich sampledelia of J Dilla. To put it another (more fun) way, this is like Miles DavisOn The Corner band jamming inside a broken time machine, forever oscillating between 1972 and 2012. There’s an embryonic hip-hop pulse beating inside this streetwise astral flight. The duo’s kinetic performances on live instrumentation breathe in a living space while delivering a kaleidoscopic beatscape fathomable only to a post-Donuts world.

The mention of Dilla’s hip-hop concrète masterpiece is not without direct intention: the CD and LP editions of this album come equipped with nearly 20 “Biscuits” – bite sized riff- and beat-centric tracks created expressly for sampling. Interesting on their own and reeking of the promise of future albums by other musicians, these tracks expand the value of one of the best albums 2011 has yet delivered.

Check out Eastern Promise here for a tasty (though not wholly representative) slice of Tuck In With… and seriously peep the lavish 2 x 10″ edition. If you touch it, you will buy it.

The album can be purchased directly from Stones Throw or at your nearest record shop – the album is exquisite in digital form but the immaculate packaging demands to be seen and held and smelled.

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