Dr. Strangeloop

Are We Lost Mammals of an Approaching Transcendental Epoch?

I think so.

Evidence:  A single 18 minute post-rock-esque collage of beats, spacey atmospherics, feedback skronk, beat loops, synth swells, and percussion galore; this piece has the arc of a massive Artistic Statement album, played in double time with enough dips, curveballs, and trap doors to lock interest in a firm grasp and obliterate all sense of time passing.

Primarily a visual artist, Dr. Strangeloop (seriously, check his vimeo page now) met Brainfeeder head honcho Flying Lotus in art school, where the two became fast friends, smoking and playing atari while working on film and music.  Currently VJ-ing Brainfeeder events and working on new music, this is his first release, created about a year ago.  He has this to say about the track:

I made it about a year ago, and it is probably the strangest thing I’ve ever shepherded into this world. It is one track, 18 minutes long, very lo-fi, and I picture it as some sort of narrative about the Singularity, mystical states, and the evolution of man. It is more post-rock influenced than the stuff I’m working on now, and is divided into three idiosyncratic movements.

So that pretty much sums it up.  This video gives a good taste.

[pick this dream shard up at boomkat or through brainfeeder itself]

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