Caural – Mirrors For Eyes

Caural is the artist name of Chicago native, multi-instrumentalist and producer extraordinaire Zachary Mastoon.  This is his latest, and most fully fleshed out full length release.


Mirrors for Eyes is deeply saturated in hazy tones and heady, soulful beats.  Spinning this is like dropping down a mental slide through treated drums, live guitar, organic synth lines; the slightly fragile production feels held together by the grooves of an ancient (but well preserved) vinyl from a connoisseur’s original Blue Note collection.  Managing this fine balancing act is what makes the record so astounding: projecting a thoroughly modern and forward-leaning style while retaining the crackling edge of some classically forgotten gem – one recently unearthed from a hermetically sealed time capsule.  Mixing fully instrumental and vocal tracks (some rapped, some sung) with a casual ease, this LP will eat 50 minutes and ask for more, stealthily working it’s way under the skin until the ghostly tones emerge in dreams and every paused, reflective moment throughout the day.  The draw is narcotic and can relentlessly stick for weeks.  Give it a spin; there’s no fear of addiction when the product’s this pure.  For instant convincing, spin Re-Experience Any Moment You Choose and quickly find yourself hitting restart to get the whole picture.

[grab this at boomkat or cd universe, or the reliable standby amazon]

4 thoughts on “Caural – Mirrors For Eyes

  1. quite liking this but i think would have preferred this as an instrumental album, cant say i cared much for the rapping. love the jazzy horns and beats though.


    • Well definitely try and give his other records a chance – Stars on my Ceiling is (I think) almost purely instrumental. Plus they’re all fully streamable on

      And the one rapping track on this album did stick out a bit for me at first, but now having heard it a couple dozen times, it fits the flow in my mind. How did you feel about the sung vocals in the later tracks?


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