D.K. – Island of Dreams

DK Island of Dreams

D.K. is Dangkhoa Chau, an artist who’s slowly moved away from dance-oriented techno into a glistening, crystalline territory more suited for emerging from sleep than fighting against it.

Island Of Dreams is beat music rendered as a breezy balaeric sunset. I’ve listened to this first thing at work every single day this week, right as the sun passes over my back. It’s bright, energetic, and engaging, but with a soft touch that lures me into the day, rather than forcing it to happen.

This music is the softest siren call. It could replace the background yacht rock at any backyard barbecue, or soundtrack a late night hangout with your crush. It feels like sleeping on a boat, it feels like hopping on my bike in the morning, and it feels like love.

While it’s not super substantial, this is the kind of album I’ll end up looping for a long time. It’s easy to come back to and it never wears its welcome out at a slim 26 minutes. If you’re looking for a modern analog, I’d point you to the recent miniature albums from International Feel, especially CFCF’s On Vacation, easily one of the best releases of 2016 so far. Island of Dreams might sound radically different at first glance, but both albums are aiming for the same sweet spot between earnest indulgence and somnambulant sleight of hand.

I don’t know much about the label, Paris-based Antinote Recordings, but I’m now hooked enough to try out anything they release. In the meantime, here’s a perfect entry point for the album, a song called Journey to the Sun:

If you’d like to just hear the whole album, it’s streaming right here:

I found Island of Dreams streaming on Spotify but I just had to make an official purchase on the Antinote Bandcamp page.

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