Colin Stetson is reimagining Gorecki’s 3rd Symphony


I just read on twitter that Colin Stetson, one of the greatest saxophonists alive, is working on a new version of one of the greatest symphonies of the 20th century.

Here’s the trailer, featuring a minute of the newly recorded composition:

Henryk Górecki’s famed third symphony, perhaps the absolute standard when it comes to mournful modern classical music, is a personal favorite of mine. I played it after both of my parents died. I even listened after my cats passed away. It evoked perhaps the purest expression of sadness I’ve ever heard. Some music is perfect for anguish, some for anger, and some for absolute despair. Symphony No. 3 is sadness distilled, a cathartic listen if there ever was one.

This symphony was my introduction to holy minimalism, a term coined to describe the work of Polish-born Górecki and fellow Eastern European composer Arvo Pärt, as well as many others. This is perhaps my favorite “genre” of modern classical music, so you could imagine how excited I am at the prospect of one of my favorite current musicians tackling this monumental piece.

Colin Stetson’s solo work has been a juggernaut in the world of experimental jazz. His playing and recording techniques have produced saxophone music like the world has never heard. I imagine the man can channel that unrivaled ability and passion into this timeless masterpiece, and I’ll believe it when I hear it.

Here’s hoping it turns out as incredible as it deserves to be.

2 thoughts on “Colin Stetson is reimagining Gorecki’s 3rd Symphony

  1. this is a classic example of appropriation and theft. by doing this you are not only degrading and disrespecting the work but taking someone else’s emotion and suffering and appropriating it for your own. now the authentic meaning of this piece especially goes its seperate way, misunderstood and commodicized.

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    • Who are you speaking to? Me, or Stetson?

      If you mean Stetson, are you saying that no music should ever be recorded or covered by different artists? This was a classical piece meant to be played by orchestras around the world, long after Gorecki passed on, and has been recorded many times before this.

      If you mean me, then I’m very confused.

      Do you not believe in feeling your own emotions about a piece of art? Is my reaction to a piece of music not authentic? Is yours?


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