David Bowie – Modern Love


For a week now, I’ve woken with this song stuck in my head.

Modern Love takes off like a bottle rocket, perfect as the lead tune on David Bowie‘s 1983 pop opus, Let’s Dance. It’s about as get-up-and-go as any song has ever been. I feel an electricity pulsing through me the second those first guitar stabs hit, and it doesn’t let up even when the melody fades a few minutes later.

If you’re not already in the mood for this kind of energy, I present a pair of films that absolutely nailed it. I can’t help but get caught up when seeing either of these scenes; the positivity is infectious:

The Night Is Young

First, here’s a scene from Leos Carax’s 1986 feature The Night Is Young. Starring incredible physical actor Denis Levant, it’s about the character’s transition into real feeling in the real adult world. His “dance” is an entire life in miniature. To me, it evokes the feeling of Modern Love more than the music video itself.

Frances Ha

Next, here’s a scene from Frances Ha, a 2012 film by Noah Baumbach. It’s a clear and direct nod to the previous film, and works wonders in the context of its subtle story about a woman who’s coming of age a little bit later than she should.

Fellow Bowie devotees might appreciate my piece on the man and what he really meant to me:

David Bowie Is Dead // This Is What He Means To Me

2 thoughts on “David Bowie – Modern Love

  1. it’s getting real weird how often we have a musical connection, man. this has been stuck in my head all week, and i had a dream last night where i attempted to karaoke this tune in a place where no one knew it, and they cut me off before it ended. bizarre to log in and see this post right now! :D

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    • Wow, that’s incredible! I actually just saw Frances Ha last night and remembered seeing the clip from the Carax film right after he died.. it was a moment of pure bliss, especially coming after several days with the song stuck in my head as well. Thanks for sharing, that dream sounds fun/strange!


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