Gora Sou – Ramifications


It’s all thanks to Giant Claw.

Beginning with last year’s stunning Dark Web (see Best of 2014), I fell in love with Orange Milk. The record label hosts a roster of consistently mind-bending artists who have put out some of the most innovative, transgressive, and ultimately fun music of the past couple years. So when another artist I highly respect mentioned Gora Sou’s new Orange Milk release, Ramifications, I had to listen right then and there.

Thankfully the label has a thing for full album streaming on Bandcamp, so you can enjoy it too.

By the second or third track, you might notice that this feels like coming of age music for a post-physical world. Spoken in the language of hard midi sounds, the music here overflows with organic washes of synth drone and percussion. It feels like a hike through forests of abandoned PC towers, lush with the verdant shade of fractured motherboards and glistening with copper wire vines. It’s the relaxed aftermath to the epochal moment when Oneohtrix Point Never changed the internet music world.

Gora Sou is the working name of a young guy from Frankfurt am Main, Germany named Marc Übel. He was born in 1993 and although this is his first Orange Milk release, he’s got several cassettes under his belt over the past few years. While he’s not exactly breaking new ground with this album, he is exploring some extremely fresh territory in exciting ways. That’s more than enough to put him on my radar.

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