Moby’s Twin Peaks-Sampling Breakthrough: Go


Yesterday I listened to a mixtape featuring Angelo Badalamenti working out the original theme for Twin Peaks with David Lynch himself. I thought of all the fantastic music that’s sampled the haunting melody, and this Moby classic was the first to bloom.

Sampling Laura Palmer’s Theme, the dance tune hangs on that wonderfully yearning two-note string phrase before the percussion enters like a pack of galloping cats. It’s one of the most effective combinations of soft and brittle in the dance world, especially so considering its 1991 release.

“I watched the first episode of Twin Peaks and was inspired by the theme, so went back and did a remix of Go with the strings on top. When it was released, my dream was for it to sell 4,000 copies. It did a couple of million, including compilations,” said Moby about the undying club staple.

This title of this version of the song, “Woodtick Mix” is a nod toward one of the darkest moments of Twin Peaks, when special agent Dale Cooper gets shot after undoing his bulletproof vest to find a tick. My fellow fans of the show will recognize this moment as one of the best cliffhangers on one of the best shows of all time.

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