Twin Peaks Is Really Back // Chromatics – Shadow

I can’t believe it, but it’s real. Twin Peaks is really, actually, totally back.

This is one of the weirdest moments in my art life, witnessing the full resurrection of a long-dead favorite narrative. It’s something I honestly never expected to happen, and was never sure I actually would welcome. I’m so thankful to be wrong.

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Twin Peaks: James Hurley – Just You


Ever catch yourself sliding into hypnosis while watching a movie or show? You hook right into the rhythm, the flow of the picture and sound and suddenly you’re not just along for the ride; you’re locked into it. You’re inside it, the same way you find yourself in a dream.

This is kind of a defining feature of a lot of my favorite cinema. Twin Peaks is one of the only television shows to have ever rolled into the same territory, for me. Witness:

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What I’m Into This Week (4/17 – 4/23)

Mulholland Drive close up

So this will be remembered as the week that Prince died. The sudden and unexpected departure of one of the last rock stars on earth was a blow that we no one wanted in 2016, not after losing so many larger than life, all time favorite artists already. I haven’t seen people come together so much in commiseration or celebration since David Bowie died. The music world lost a bright shining star, and I personally lost another icon I’d held close over the years.

At least I can say that this week also brought some incredible new music. Here’s what we’ve got.

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What I’m Into This Week (2/28 – 3/5)


This week in music features a big dip into the past, plus something super new. I also need to mention the movie I watched instead of the Oscars, because it’s the best I’ve seen in weeks. All I know about Sunday’s ceremony is that Ennio Morricone finally won and so did Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s a good thing; this music is more interesting and important.

I’ll start with the new music because it’s the most deserving of attention.

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Out of the Country

I feel awful that I neglected to write about this before leaving, but I’m currently out of the US and staying in a place where internet connections are scarce. With the ubiquity of high speed wireless in my city, it’s both surprising and refreshing to lack updates on my phone, along with the ability to google anything I come across. I feel free and untethered, a bit lost, and very alive.


This is a lighthouse I really liked climbing.

I just got my ears on the new David Bowie album, which is incredible sounding so far. I’ve got to thank spotify’s offline mode for this warm pleasure. If you haven’t tried it yet, I can’t recommend enough that you do so.

In non-music news, I’ve been reading an excellent biography on David Lynch, titled The Man From Another Place. It’s inspiring a new wave of energy and enthusiasm for artistic growth in me, and it feels like it arrived at just the perfect moment. I’m letting go of habits and tics, and I’m more willing than I have been in years to embrace the dark weird corners of my interior. Stepping into my own oblivion is a strangely uplifting experience.

I’ll do something new with this site in the coming months.

In the meantime, I’ve also been crafting my Best Of 2015 list and will get it published as soon as I return. I’m so excited to share some of the gems that have enriched my life, especially the ones I haven’t seen on other lists. I know the year has passed, but at least one of my favorites didn’t appear until a couple weeks ago. It’ll be worth the wait.

My time is limited, so I’ll stop here. I’ll be writing a lot more very soon. Until then, I send my warmest greetings from Mexico!

Roy Orbison – In Dreams


In dreams, you’re mine
all of the time.

There are a handful of beloved pop songs that somehow fill me with the most profoundly dark imagery, contrary to their buoyant reputation. In Dreams is one of those songs, a lifelong favorite and classic radio staple that shakes me to my core every time it plays.

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Beach House – Space Song

While writing about the incredible new Beach House album, Depression Cherry, I promised to share my favorite track. Now that the album is out, it’s right here streaming for your pleasure.

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