Get Based with Lil B

My last post about Lil B (Age of Information video!) ended with promise of a mix.  Well here it is. For you, your friends, even your mother: this is not only designed to get the uninitiated based in 45 minutes or less, but to properly rebuke those who think this man is all hype and no substance. Play it for them. Especially your mom.

Download HERE

Covering some (but not nearly all) of my favorite highlights across his releases from 6 Kiss on to Angels Exodus, my aim here is to compile the most amount of swag in the least amount of space, still showcasing some of the uncanny variety Lil B is capable of. This collection is proven to bring love and knowledge to everyone it touches, like all the best of his art.

  1. B.O.R. (Birth of Rap)
  2. The Age of Information
  3. Myspace
  4. Cocaine
  5. Bashido Blade
  6. I Love Video Games
  7. Free Your Soul
  8. Whats 100 Dollers
  9. Let the Eagles Go
  10. Death Valley
  11. New York Subway
  12. Walk the World
  13. 1 Time

Check it out, send it to everyone, burn it to cd and listen while you cruise… I certainly do.  If you love it, and you will, relish in the fact that this is a very small proportion of the mountain of tracks he’s dropped. Go to based world or check out his extensive youtube collection or join the discussion on his page – all of which will lead you to a treasure trove of incredible music to subsist on until he drops his next tape. Which may very well be this month.

I’m serious about sharing this with your mom. Halfway through Age of Information, my own mother was nodding her head, saying this is the best rap she’s ever heard! Now she listens all the time.


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