Disco Inferno – Starbound

I’m sharing with you today one of the best fan-made videos I’ve ever witnessed.  Enjoy.

This is, of course, Starbound: All Burnt Out and Nowhere To Go, perhaps my favorite track on Disco Inferno‘s landmark album D.I. Go Pop (album posted here, and their singles collection posted here).  It’s a tightly coiled bomb of liquid Durutti Column-esque guitar and off-kilter sampling antics, liberally seasoned with the knife-edge lyrical shards of singer Ian Crause.  Nothing more to say than:  enjoy the video, thank the fan on his youtube page, and if you’re not already an obsessive fan like myself, get right on my two prior Disco Inferno posts.

[and seriously, get the whole album. HERE. you’d be morally bankrupt not to!  just kidding.  sort of.]

3 thoughts on “Disco Inferno – Starbound

    • Thats good to know – they’re one of my alltime favorite bands! I hope you checked out my other two DI posts… lots of incredible music to get.


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