Dam-Funk – Mirrors

Dam-Funk, as readers well know, dropped one of the absolute hottest albums this year with the massive Toeachizown.  He’s already my personal choice for biggest surprise of 2009, and his debut is looking at best of the year status.  Here’s the inspiringly trippy video for infectious first single, Mirrors.

Lynch-esque employment of light and shadow!  Dreamy visuals!  Laser glowing keytar action!  Yes!

[album is on sale at stones throw in either 2CD or 5LP format – peep the gorgeous artwork]

4 thoughts on “Dam-Funk – Mirrors

  1. Hmm, actually no need for that :D Found it on the peer network ;)

    Keep on posting some great albums. Breath of freash air. Something sismiar to daveslounge.com, but it was mainly based on contents of free artists :) this ine is way more mature and deeper :)



  2. I dl’ed this and it is phenomenal. As a huge Prince fan, this is the sweetest thing I’ve heard in a fair stretch. And it’s DAMN SEXXY!


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