Memory Tapes – Walk Me Home

A perfect Halloween treat, Memory Tapes has dropped the excellent longform instrumental, Walk Me Home, for our holiday enjoyment.

tapesClick the artwork or grab it here!

[right click to save the mp3]

Thanks to ARAWA, this 17 minute slice of fried gold is absolutely FREE.  Opening with eerie synth pulses and a latin-flavored rhythm section, the song shifts gears after 5 minutes into an ass-shaking robo-zombie groove momentarily until the halfway point.  This is where the epic washes of balaeric keys chime in for a relaxing setup – after this point all hell breaks loose and Memory Tapes finally drops the hardcore stuff on us.  Stuccato organ hammers and stiltwalking percussion swell and the song barrels toward its ending like a runaway freight train from Camp New Order, all quaking mass and blurred signposts until a quietly haunting outro reminds us of nighttime debaucheries and spooky old films.

Spin this monster before heading out tonight.  You’ll be well fortified for whatever strange delights the twilight affords.

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