Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue

Eddy Grant bnw

I absolutely, unabashedly, and enthusiastically love this song. Electric Avenue is one of those infectious singles that can and will lodge itself in your brain for extended periods. When you come upon another person listening to the song, you instinctively smile and nod. You’re both on that same wavelength and for a moment, everything is as it should be.

Eddy Grant may have been a one hit wonder in the US with this top 40 track, but he’s got a large discography full of fist-pumping anthems, long-form afropop club bangers, and socially-conscious rave ups. It’s an oeuvre that rewards close inspection.

[check out his Hit Collection at amazon, a 2CD set comprising both a standard greatest hits disc and a collection of all the extended 12″ singles]

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