Guilty Not Guilty 4

Bobby Vinton had a string of hits in the mid 20th century, most famous of all being Blue Velvet, of course – known to my generation as the centerpiece of David Lynch‘s classic film of the same name.  But it’s this liquid pop diamond that eternally commands my rapt attention without fail.

Those listening right now may find a mysterious familiarity – a feeling of deja vu, despite never listening to Mr. Vinton previously.  That’s because Röyksopp submerged a sample of this tune in So Easy, creating the melodic backbone for the opening track on their acclaimed 2001 LP, Melody A.M. So give them both a listen, and appreciate the Norwegian duo’s classic pop acuity.

Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue

Eddy Grant bnw

I absolutely, unabashedly, and enthusiastically love this song. Electric Avenue is one of those infectious singles that can and will lodge itself in your brain for extended periods. When you come upon another person listening to the song, you instinctively smile and nod. You’re both on that same wavelength and for a moment, everything is as it should be.

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Guilty Not Guilty 2


This track is pure 80’s fizzy pop majesty.  I can never get enough of it.  Ever.

And a little background information:  Freur died only to be reborn, with members Rick Smith and Karl Hyde, as Underworld.  Although the former band is nearly unrelated, musically, this song certainly displays their ability to craft an earbending single.  Spin it!

Neil Diamond – Cracklin’ Rosie

Neil Diamond 1971

There’s not much that needs to be said.  This is a clap- and sing-along pop spectacular. Neil often gets a bad rap (and strangely of late, an ironically good one) but if you’re not familiar, cast negative thoughts to the side and indulge. If you are, then you’ve probably already hit play.

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