Disco Inferno – D.I. Go Pop

This is not your mother’s disco. It’s one of the most innovative yet short lived bands in the last 20 years!


Disco Inferno are pretty much the definition of “post rock” – though certainly not in the mould of nearly any band currently saddled with the oft-abused label.  DI made records truly beyond the rock idiom in nearly every way, and paid the price of an untimely death with slim recognition and anemic sales.  Of course now, in the internet age, they’ve been somewhat resurrected… for another generation to ignore.  I’m trying to rectify such a musical travesty.

D.I. Go Pop was the band’s second LP, issued after a string of increasingly brilliant singles and EPs which took them from the humble roots of post-punk also-rans to the heights of rock experimentatation.  Although the title begs otherwise, this is probably the most ‘challenging’ DI release.  However, it’s not a reaction against pop forms.  These 8 songs feel like someone broke the model for modern rock and, after forgetting how it originally went together,  decided to assemble the pieces into something new and different.  They don’t simply de- or reconstruct it, but fashion something more ambiguous, personal and interesting.  I won’t try to describe the sounds other than, generally speaking, they were far ahead of their time in the use of sampling, presaging everything from Matmos to The Books to Animal Collective‘s later albums.

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