Omar Khorshid melted my face.

Omar Khorshid And His Guitar conjure pure six string wizardry. This sound is perversely incredible. It’s unconscionable. The deep well of feeling I’m overcome with while hearing this – how much I must have been missing out on all these years! The change starts now. Prepare cochlea for imminent eargasm.

Rhythms From The Orient took me by complete surprise. A certain nice young fellow at Everything’s Exploding shared a raft of information about Khorshid which led my ears to this utterly sublime alchemy. It’s Dick Dale-ian surf guitar rumble meets mooged-out spacey atmosphere over a floor pounding belly dance groove. In fact, it’s everything that statement conjures and then some – hammering accordion and hand drums electrify several moments, and a sense of joyous abandon colors the entire project. It honestly sounds as if it were as fun to make as it is to listen to.  Which of course, is a blast.


I’ve looked around for legit copies of this album in any form and this place seems to be the only source. If you can help it would be greatly appreciated!

4 thoughts on “Omar Khorshid melted my face.

  1. After lots of searching for a legal copy, I’ve found this:

    The fansite ( claims that vinyl pretty much died out in Lebanon in the mid-1970s and got replaced by cassettes, which is what this looks like to me from the rectangular shape of the picture. There are a few other albums on there, including a few CDs (there are even some on Amazon, surprisingly), but this is the only copy I’ve found of this album so far.

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