Bullion – Young Heartache + Get Familiar

Bullion.   Are you familiar?

If not, it’s imperative you become so.  Because this guy is going to blow up big time, I guarantee.  The reason?  He is quickly becoming my favorite new producer, and I’ll relate why.

First of all:  the Young Heartache EP


Simply put, these four tracks will blow your fucking mind in less than 15 minutes.  There’s no other way about it.  Weaving in lush classic pop-tinged (and -sampled) melodies through a romantic vibe reminiscent of early Daedelus, he hints at the impression of none other than a true successor to the Avalanches‘ definitive (and only, so far) LP.  Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but I haven’t felt this way about a record since, well, Since I Left You.  This is not to say Young Heartache is on par with my all-time Desert Island record;  rather, the potential bursting through every second of this release is unbearable.  I cannot wait to hear what he has in store next.

Fifteen minutes is insufficient time with such talent, so with that in mind I present: Get Familiar 7″


Just two tracks and a remix, this will get your heart pumping faster than the previous EP in all likelihood.  Spinning a more beat-oriented sound inside of a space-vaccuum atmosphere of spindly synth stabs and trebly claps, the title track slams in such a way that the question, “Why hasn’t some mainstream rapper used/abused this already?” is nigh unavoidable.  Next with “Rude Effort,” Bullion absolutely shakes the listener to his core with a calamitous bass shuffle, fist-pumpingly anthemic keys and percussion which leaves absolutely no mystery about the reason behind its title.  If nothing else, this track will convince you that I’m not just high when I proclaim forthcoming popularity with this guy.

Of course, it’ll help if people are actually listening and buying these nuggets of pure 24k brilliance.  So put on the headphones, drop him a line, get familiar.

[and of course, help make my prediction reality by purchasing his work HERE at Boomkat]

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