MF Doom + Sade – Sadevillain

I’m not the biggest fan of mashups. Most of the time, they’re shallow gimmicks, the kind of party trick that’s more fun to make than to experience. Sure, it’s impressive when someone links two disparate artists in a catchy dance, but there’s usually nothing profound in the experience, no new light cast on the original pieces.

But sometimes, a mashup just lands in the fertile ground between illusion and revelation. Sometimes the sense of surprise gives way to genuine appreciation.

There’s not a whole lot I can say about this low-key project, other than the fact that it’s pretty well put together. The artist who put it together, Young Portsmouth-based producer Seanh2k11, holds an affinity for both legendary artists, evident in the lovingly crafted balance between their styles and substances. He clearly recognized Doom’s affection for Sade and teased out the tenuous connection, resulting in the slim but substantial EP’s worth of material heard here.

I’m simply sharing this because I love Sade and I’ve followed Doom though most of his odd detours and aliases over the years. It’s fun to hear that kind of history twisted together. It’s worth the twenty minutes it demands.

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