Frank Ocean – Nikes


So this just happened on a Saturday night because Frank Ocean wanted to surprise us all. It worked.

It’s new Frank Ocean music. It’s fantastic.

Edit: looks like embedding is broken right now. Click to see the video.

Frank ocean Nikes video screen

Frank Ocean – Nikes

You’ve probably heard the news about what happened already. I couldn’t turn on my phone without hearing it shouted from every direction. First: a visual album called Endless dropped on Thursday. Then in the middle of the weekend, Ocean decided that the world was ready for Blond, formerly known as Boys Don’t Cry. It’s an Apple music exclusive so you can either do that or wait it out or use other means to hear the album.

I’m listening now and I’ve got to say that it’s phenomenal on first impression. The production is impossibly lush yet detailed and surprising. The songs are catchy yet deeply interlocked; I’m having a hard time recalling where they start and end. It’s a good thing.

Anyway, since the video is an exclusive too, I wanted to share the real deal with everyone. Youtube is flooded with reactions and scams, so feast your eyes on the official video for Frank Ocean’s Nikes.

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