Seabat – Synthus

Seabat - Synthus

“Synthus is a state of mind ”

Seabat was one of my favorite discoveries of 2015 thanks to the excellent reputation of Beer on the Rug. Always progressive, weird, and worthy of a listen, the label has consistently delivered music that seems tailor made to my tastes over the past few years. Synthus managed to fly right over “oh I like this” territory and land deep in “this is straight from my dorkiest, most awesome dreams” land.

The three progressively complex tracks here combine the sensuous texture of modern electronic beat music with the epic structure of the best 70s prog artists. To a guy whose favorite albums include both Tangerine Dream’s Rubycon and Caribou’s Swim, listening to this felt like a dream coming true.

Don’t let my simplistic comparison deceive you; this is elegiac synthesizer music built for rocketing through hyperspace. This is a journey through the mind’s eye, leaving all corporeal sense in the dark. There is nothing remotely danceable here.

With surprising restraint, the band never caves in to the grandiose impulses that eventually doomed the original prog movement. Instead of collapsing on its own weight, the album gradually sheds recognizable form, floating unmoored and free toward its end. While the trio of songs range from a 3 minute intro to a twenty minute cosmic suite, the cumulative effect is one of subtle awe. Every time the album ends, I feel like I’ve been orbiting a Fantastic Planet, never quite touching down to meet the inhabitants face to face.

Because I feel like I’ve done an inadequate job of expressing why this album is worth your time, I’m sharing the full album stream right here:

You can listen and make a purchase at the Synthus page on Bandcamp.

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