Young Thug & Birdman – Constantly Hating

Young Thug + Birdman

This tune is one of the best intros to a rap album in years. The fizzy beat leads us into Young Thug’s sound world like a breadcrumb trail from a fairy tale, a warm embrace that bristles the second his otherworldly flow pipes in.

Young Thug has an incredibly divisive vocal style, like abstract painting in verbal form. It’s catchy, provocative, and downright fun even when I can’t tell what’s being said. He carves funny bon mots from multisyllabic labyrinths, popping with a lust for life on every beat. It’s not for everyone, but it’s perfect for my ears. Language rarely feels so elemental and alive than when we’re forced to complete the picture in our minds.

With that being said, Birdman’s entrance halfway through this song feels like a friendly hand reaching through the otherworldly haze to pull new listeners in. Here’s a swaggering verse from a rap veteran, beckoning us to join him in this alien soundscape. The party is inside and everything weird and wonderful is happening right now.

The song appears on Barter 6, one of the best albums of 2015. I’m still looping it and finding more to love.

2 thoughts on “Young Thug & Birdman – Constantly Hating

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