Suryummy – Genesis Clarity


Genesis Clarity is so profoundly deserving of attention that I had to dedicate a second post to it. I’ve recommended this to everyone who will listen and mentioned it on my week in music a few days ago, but I can hardly find any chatter online. I’ve got one friend who’s listened, so I’ve only got one person to talk about it with. Let’s change that!

This kind of discovery needs to be shouted from the rooftops. It’s a revelation. Suryummy has created a true blue adventure.

When you buy music on Bandcamp, you’re buying into a community. It’s a place where, like Soundcloud and, you’ll be immersed in great, unknown music from the moment you step inside. You become familiar with labels, especially the ones with a great track record of similar minded artists, guaranteeing that, if you’ve got a taste for certain styles of sound, you’ll find a reliable source for more.

This is the case with Beer on the Rug, a label that’s becoming my go-to for adventurous, unabashedly out-there (yet super accessible) electronic music. The bands, like best of 2015 members Pulse Emitter and Seabat, explore radically spaced out sounds from brand new angles. So when I got an email about the newest label release, Suryummy’s Genesis Clarity, I had the trust to give it a listen.

As usually happens, taking a chance lead to good things. This is probably my favorite Beer on the Rug offering yet. It’s a bold mixture of easy grooves and exotic timbres, layer upon layer of transparent synth formations passing by in a far flung digital odyssey. It’s space music of the highest order, folding early Warp Records pathos – SETI broadcasts, video game fever, hippie optimism – in a modern production envelope.

Listening feels like lift up through the rainy skies of some distant future metropolis, ready to swerve through asteroid belts, erupting in crescendos across the rings of Saturn.

Here’s the full album streaming.


After a week on steady rotation, I’m convinced more than ever that Suryummy captures the narrative sweep of early Underworld in a way that few artists even want to try. There are meta structures rising and falling across several overlapping sets of tracks, and the whole thing has an unshakable whiff of pure adventure. Infectious rhythm gives way to heady, beatless passages, slowly dilating time. Tension builds into perfect eruptions, serving as signpost constellations along the way.

Transportive things happen on Genesis Clarity, leaving an unmistakable glow in its wake.


Highly recommended for fans of: Future Sound of London, Boards of Canada, The Orb, Caribou, Dream Catalogue artists, etc.

Genesis Clarity is available digitally by clicking on the Bandcamp stream, the album is also coming to CD in super limited quantities, for those who prefer buying a physical product (I do). Release is March 11.

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