Surprise new Kendrick Lamar album: untitled unmastered


I woke up to some really interesting news. Kendrick Lamar dropped an official collection of many of the songs he’s been debuting on Colbert, Fallon, and other one-time appearances over the last year. I’m just posting to share the new with any friends and readers who haven’t heard yet.

The whole brief album is streaming right here:

This is pretty exciting, even if it is a slapdash release, because Kendrick is easily the most vital rapper alive. He’s also one of my favorite artists of all time, an incendiary poet and storyteller who surrounds himself with some of the greatest musicians and producers around.

I’ve written loads about him before and you can catch it all here. Remember, last year’s To Pimp A Butterfly made the top of my Best of 2015 list; hopefully you can understand the excitement even if you don’t share it. I’m ready for my first listen now.

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