Tame Impala’s new album Currents is out there [leak]

Tame Impala have a new album coming, but the internet-savvy can hear it a little early. This is just a heads up for fans who can’t wait for their LPs to arrive, or a proper stream to go live. You can listen to Currents right now if you know where to look. (see below)

If you’d rather wait, tide yourself over with the exquisite, motorik-tinged first single Let It Happen. This epic in miniature is the first track and really sets the tone for the new, expansive and more openly electronic sound flaunted on the album.

I can’t wait for my vinyl to arrive (I actually preordered; a rarity for me) and if you’re in the same boat, check out nodata.tv for some sweet relief.


If you want the vinyl, with that gorgeous artwork, you can still preorder – or buy it when it’s out on July 17th!

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