Atlas Sound – Te Amo (live on KEXP)

I’ve been depressed lately.  Melancholic.  In this state I gravitate toward music that either obliterates with minimalism or force, for the most part.  I can drown myself in a long piece from Oren Ambarchi or Klaus Schulze or even Swans.  I can really get lost in something wordlessly spiritual like Alice Coltrane or Pharoah Sanders.  But occasionally I just crave the kind of song designed to wallow in heartache.  Spiritualized is an obvious go-to (I have two albums in my car at all times now) but Bradford Cox is nearly as adept at tapping these feelings, albeit in a less direct manner.  In other words, this song pops in my thoughts often.

The album version is fantastic, inverting his usual icy claustrophobia, wrapped inside a warm blanket of sad love spiked with hope.  This take opens the song up with fresh air and light, without ever leaving the bed.  Lay down and enjoy.

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