I Found A Star On The Ground

So the Flaming Lips made a 6 hour song.

As a longtime fan I am horrified, annoyed, and yet..  far too curious not to listen.  I’m over halfway through the first hour and thinking this hasn’t been any more a waste of time than any other new music from a great band I could be hearing.  In other words, I’m glad I dove in.  In all likelihood you will be too.  It’s the only sort of trippy space adventure you’d expect to last so long.  Listen below.

The Flaming Lips – I Found A Star On The Ground

Part 1 / 3

Part 2 / 3

Part 3 / 3

The story goes that band leader Wayne Coyne was playing with some psychedelic toy and thought, if this one device can provide hours of entertainment, why can’t a song?  Hence the astounding, ridiculous length of this piece.  For the increasingly preposterous band – already known for their gummy skulls, fetuses, and assorted collaborative gimmicks this year – it’s not such a leap toward releasing a quarter-day song.  Let’s face it, if you’re already on their weird train, you’re psyched about this.

The USB stick containing the music is in there somewhere.

Having heard almost a third of this I can report that it’s basically a version of their Embryonic-era dirty ambient krautrock jams, stretching ever deeper into a black hole.  It stretches as it goes on and folds in a few new wrinkles along the way.  I won’t speculate as to where it goes in the next two segments but I can imagine if you enjoy the first 10 minutes, consider it a keeper.  Fucked up way to get our attention aside, this is actually fun.  Let me know if any of you have purchased the hallucinogen accessory kit pictured above.

2 thoughts on “I Found A Star On The Ground

  1. I would describe the song as being tastefully excessive.

    It’s ridiculously excessive by its very nature, but the Lips know what they’re doing and when to change things up and take the song into a different direction. It flows really well.

    What’s impressive is that the song was originally only 25 minutes long, but right before it was supposed to be released, Wayne decided to take it to the next level. It only took hm and Steven a few weeks to add the extra 4 1/2 hours.

    I know a lot of people will dismiss it as a stupid gimmick or the Lips just trying to be weird, but I think it’s very impressive. I think it’ll stand up there with Zaireeka as being one of their greatest experimental achievements.


  2. I love your open mind to clearly masturbatory things in life.
    As thinking of the mere existence of this makes my skin crawl, maybe you’ll be able to sit me down over breakfast and urge a 10 minute listen session.

    In the meantime, dont get lost on that psychedelic piss fest. If we ever meet Coyne in person, I vow to wear gloves and keep a safe distance.

    Te amo.


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