Flying Lotus – Mmmhmm

This is it.  The best music video I’ve seen in a very long time.  Flying Lotus not only outdid himself with Cosmogramma and this song, Mmmhmm, but the video accompaniment rides some serious upper-atmosphere currents.  So light up, sit back, and be blown away.  (and make sure to watch in full screen!)

Now how do you feel?  I believe a certain youtube commentator sums it up best:  “The most stoned video of all time!”  It’s at least a contender.

Accompanied by Thundercat (who helps elevate nearly every moment of Cosmogramma), providing luscious vocals and acrobatic bass work, Flylo strikes my pleasure center from so many angles it took me several listens to realize just how and why I’m in love with it.  From the airy atmosphere (perfectly translated on film) to the percussion that feels like a magnet gathering the debris of some exploded spaceship and compressing it, everything works together to evoke the “space opera” theme the entire album spins around.  The song itself is one half of nearly everyone’s favorite moment on the new album, when the celestial keys of this song stretch into infinity and the man himself drops in with some scatting to lead the way to Do The Astral Plane, his most straightforward balls-to-the-wall banger yet.  I doubt I’m alone in aching for that one to become the next single.

This just makes me imagine a full-album video.  Which, of course, is too much to ask for.  And probably dangerous.  Too many heads would explode.

[if you haven’t picked up the album, get it at the bleep store! You’re seriously missing out, hard.]

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