The Death of Cool

(or:  I Was Dared!)

Relevancy is ephemeral, hip is an illusion, and trends accompany diminishing returns.  Just saying.

I listen to music that I like, and write about the stuff I really enjoy.  You should too.  There is no shame in this.  Think about something you love.  Be thankful for it, whatever it is.

Why do you like what you like?  Why do you say what you say?  Let us know.

Thank you for reading.

[oh and listen to Ships Without Meaning, by Oneohtrix Point Never – it’s fully streaming on – one of my favorite new artists last year.  see also: Best of 2009]

6 thoughts on “The Death of Cool

  1. I basically agree (with Dave, not Roger) but it’s important to put it in context. It’s okay for us music nerds, sitting at home, to be in it “just for the music” but the way most people interact with and enjoy music is more complex than that. Music appreciation comes from a complex matrix of knowledge, social interactions and sonic data. For a lot of people – especially young people but not just them – the whole “being cool and relevant” element of music appreciation is fun, intense, social and life-affirming. Even hardcore, antisocial music nerds like me are susceptible to this – we often get involved in a type of oneupmanship that can be great fun if conducted in a spirit of good humour and camraderie. Having said all this, I do genuinely believe that you, for one, are just in it for the music.


  2. You are also an amazing writer who uses words in such a unique and undefeated manner when discussing the things you love, artistically, that for even your biased girlfriend, its refreshing to truly read your insights. Knowing you never hit send without making sure each word sufficiently defines your love. You are a writer, you are my love, and you are lovely. We fit through brilliance.


    • Thank you, it’s wonderful to know when my words achieve some communication – putting thoughts to action is the most fulfilling thing. I’m enjoying your blog, and especially the artwork featured therein!


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