Interesting Blogs / Blue Crystal Fire

My list of connected blogs should change more frequently, and now is a great time to start.  There are a couple I have in mind, music blogs with vast knowledge and interesting subjects.  I need more.  Not only to spread the word here, but for my own benefit.  I find it easy to slide into routines and some fresh perspective is a necessary punctuation.  So:

What are your favorite music blogs?

Any type: essays, reviews, videos, original material, file sharing, etc.

Please leave a comment and then listen to this absolute stunner from Robbie Basho, Blue Crystal Fire.

This song resides at the center of Visions Of The Country (1978), the only Basho album I have.  Having discovered his music this month I’m not experienced enough to convey much more than the notion that this is an essential listen for fans of guitar music and/or incredible voices.  It is.  I literally cried during my first listen.

Great cover artwork, too!

Thank you for the replies!!

The Death of Cool

(or:  I Was Dared!)

Relevancy is ephemeral, hip is an illusion, and trends accompany diminishing returns.  Just saying.

I listen to music that I like, and write about the stuff I really enjoy.  You should too.  There is no shame in this.  Think about something you love.  Be thankful for it, whatever it is.

Why do you like what you like?  Why do you say what you say?  Let us know.

Thank you for reading.

[oh and listen to Ships Without Meaning, by Oneohtrix Point Never – it’s fully streaming on – one of my favorite new artists last year.  see also: Best of 2009]