Ras G – Brotha From Anotha Planet

Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program dropped this slice of wonky ‘ghetto sci-fi’ on an unsuspecting hiphop public this year and true to their nomenclature, it remains one of the spaciest jams I’ve heard from this region of the beat scene.


This is the music that people will be playing in the ghetto on Mars in the year 3014.

The above quote, direct from the artist’s page, works as a warped mission statement for this project.  It speaks towards the aspiration and moody atmosphere laid down in this heady trip.  Ras G works magic twisting the listener through his aural wormhole and out into a galaxy where his old school equipment reigns supreme, wielding the power to shape all unnatural forces defining his sound itself.  A casual listen on moderate volume might give the impression of a rumbling, chaotic sound soiree – though like most good music of this sort, is an enveloping, otherworldly experience upon close inspection.  Free up 35 minutes and sit back with some headphones (and indulge in your substance of choice, if applicable) and feel the strange gravity.  Let go and be pulled through the rhythm into another realm.  And be sure to wave at Hal on the way back.


[grab this for a reasonable ($6.99!) price at boomkat, Alpha Pup Records, or amazon.  it’s digital-only and the first release on Flying Lotus‘ very own Brainfeeder label.]

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