Convextion – Acido 22


This one hit me at the perfect moment. A confluence of events created an opening for this slim, untitled 12″ release, allowing it to sail right into my heart of hearts.

Convextion is the moniker of American techno artist Gerard Hanson, who was influenced by greats in his home country and Europe, including Basic Channel and Juan Atkins. He released his debut LP in 2006 and disappeared for a while, but it was such a monument – often compared with the stratospheric heights of Deepchord’s frigid, spacey techno – that he never really left the radar for deep techno fans like me.

Recently, a friend pointed out that there was a new full length release finally, but when I went to look for it, I realized I was a bit early. Instead, I found this nameless 12″ release from Acido Records. It was like providence, because nothing could have sounded more perfect at that moment.

Instead of massive pads, infinite icy beats, and hypnotic loops, I was greeted with ominous synths, a slow drone rising, and spaced arpeggios. This hits more like the cosmic sounds of Tangerine Dream, the Blade Runner score, and even the fantastic soundtrack of Stranger Things.

I should mention that, during this time, I’ve been playing the new game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The soundtrack, as with all the games in the series, is packed with massive synth explorations and deep nods to classic Detroit techno. So with the game and the television show occupying much of my free time, it felt like pure serendipity to hear a similar sound coming from an unexpected but beloved artist.

If you’re interested in jetting off into the far reaches of spacey mindscapes, I can’t urge a listen enough.

Here’s the full set, a pair of 10-ish minute tracks that wax and wane, ebb and flow, build and disappear, leaving a faint ring of mystery and awe in their wake.

You can hear it streaming on Spotify or purchase the 12″ vinyl from Delsin Records.

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