Kendrick Lamar On Cereal

Kendrick Lamar eating Cereal

Kendrick Lamar is not only one of the best rappers of all time. He’s also a breakfast cereal aficionado with a depth of knowledge that impressed even this veteran breakfast fan.

I already knew he was deep into the stuff when he dropped his weirdest song ever, just a few years back. But then I had a discussion about how cereals could be ranked, and a friend showed me this video.

In case you’re not into watching videos, I’ll spoil it here: Kendrick considers Fruity Pebbles to be an apex cereal, he eats them exactly as nature intended: with a specific mixture of soggy and crunchy that reaches a perfect texture as the bowl is drained. At least, it’s the way I grew up eating them. In my case, drinking the pink-ish milk afterward was required.

If you haven’t heard Cartoon & Cereal or seen the incredibly meta video, check it out here.

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