LCD Soundsystem – Yr City’s A Sucker

11 years ago, this song became one of my favorite things ever, for an entire summer and a little bit longer. Part of LCD Soundsystem‘s self titled debut, it ended the bonus disc collecting their massive dance singles. Yr City’s A Sucker is absolutely unfuckwithable.

Any one of the lengthy tunes on that disc could be held up as the vanguard of 00’s disco punk, from hipster lament Losing My Edge to ecstatic rave-up Yeah. Every single one is a club stomping classic, packed with more funky swing than entire albums’ worth of dance music. This one, though. Yr City’s A Sucker always stayed ringing in my head longest.

It wasn’t just the fact that it was the final track; it’s the point where the record’s sarcastic hedonism curdles into a nihilistic snarl. But a sense of humor creeps in, the whole endeavor played for laughs. It’s the band laughing at its own shtick while still kicking in high gear.

The tune is looser than anything else they’d recorded at this point, dragged along with a ramshackle cowbell and languid bass riff. The song hangs together on three major threads: buzz-funk bass guitar, a bed of lightly pulsing synthesizers, and raucous vocals grinding the title phrase, shouting demands, and growing more sinister until unleashing a Joker-like laugh. At any one moment the whole thing feels about to fall apart. In the end, it does.


To this day, there are few albums that consistently get me moving than LCD Soundsystem’s bonus disc of extended singles from 2005. The project matured and evolved, resulting in incredible material, timeless classics of impeccable construction. But James Murphy’s band never fully gave themselves over to pure ass-shaking indulgence like this again.

Even if you’re sitting in an office like I do every weekday, click play. You’ll be dancing in your seat in no time. Every time I listen, coworkers have to remind me that unlike the tuns in my headphones, everyone can hear my desk slaps and foot taps.

Your city’s a sucker; my city’s a creep!

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