Who Makes The Nazis?


This is the first time I’ve brought politics onto the site, but in light of recent news, it feels appropriate. The song asks an eternally relevant question that we seem to have collectively forgotten the answer to.

Here’s legendary English punk band The Fall, asking Who Makes The Nazis?

This song appeared on the bands’ 1982 breakthrough album, Hex Induction Hour. It seems appropriate that such an incendiary collection of fucked up punk tunes dropped the same year I was born; I’ve been accused of identifying with the underdog a few too many times.

To that accusation, I say: you’re right I do. What am I going to do, support the guy who’s already winning?

I’ve seen footage of Trump rallies that sends a chill to the core of my being. The behavior here looks indistinguishable from that seen in Germany during the rise of the National Socialist Party, led by Adolf Hitler. I think it’s time that we suspend observance of Godwin’s law and take this comparison seriously.

Things like this don’t happen in a vacuum, in the dark, and away from public view. They happen right out in the open, on a stage, surrounded by thunderous applause. They happen slowly, gradually, like that frog set into a pot of slowly boiling water. They happen because we don’t take them seriously until it’s too late.

As notorious curmudgeon Mark E. Smith sarcastically intones near the end of this song:

“Hates not your enemy, love’s your enemy”

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