Tame Impala – Music To Walk Home By

Thanks to a friend’s reminder, I’m spending early Friday evening at home jamming Lonerism, the surprisingly deep and eminently repeatable album from psychedelic rock ninjas Tame Impala. While I’ve never gone hard listening to these guys, I’m reminded tonight that I probably should have.

This song catches me hard every time, and I’m compelled to peek at the track list: yes, it’s called Music To Walk Home By. What a fantastic name for a tune that sounds like this.

Using a metric fuckton of reverb and delay, distortion pedals and wind-tunnel vocals, the band stands on the well known building blocks of classic psych-rock, but manage to take off, soaring far above the aging structures. With genuinely radio-catchy tunes and a bedrock consistency of vision, the band unleashes a surprisingly deep torrent of dreamy, hazy, crunchy rock.

We don’t get that combination often these days, where most visible innovation happens in the realm of electronic music and hip-hop. When we do, it rarely connects with an audience. So, it’s a relief to know this Australian band is doing well and set to release a new album, Currents, on July 17 2015.

That happens to be one day before what would be my mom‘s 65th birthday. Fitting, I think, because she had an abiding love for the sort of lighthearted, wooly 60’s psychedelia that Tame Impala builds upon. I’m sure I’ll be here with fresh tunes by then.

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