“And it hurts with every heartbeat…”


I don’t really have anything clever or interesting to say about this song, other than this: it hits me right in the feels.

Robyn is one of the best, most emotional dance pop artists I’ve ever heard, and this is one of her best songs. I might be partial to None Of Dem for its pure ass-shaking precision, but this song always catches in my throat, jagged and real.

Maybe we could make it all right
We could make it better sometime
Maybe we could make it happen, baby

We could keep trying but things will never change

So I don’t look back
Still I’m dying with every step I take
But I don’t look back

Just a little, little bit better
Good enough to waste some time
Tell me, would it make you happy, baby

I think I should start posting more Robyn. I should share more of the music that touches me on a gut-check emotional level. It’s harder to write about that stuff, but I’m learning.

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