Mick Smiley – Magic [music from Ghostbusters]

Ghostbusters Magic

This song has lived in my brain since before I formed concrete memories.

It’s from the invasion scene of 1984’s original Ghostbusters film, after Walter Peck (“It’s true. This man has no dick.”) orders the ghost containment unit shut down and the ghouls run amok in New York City. The song itself is probably better than you remember; it practically makes the scene.

There’s really nothing to say about the tune, other than it’s a shame that Mick was a one hit wonder. The synthy groove that the second half rides on (the part of the song heard in the film) is a perfect slice of moody 80s pop perfection.

Here’s the original scene, the one that gave me chills as a kid and continues to be the most psychedelic moment in the movie:

While I might love Ghostbusters for the humor and live-wire interplay between the main characters, it was that spooky, surreal edge that made it stand out in my childhood and pass through as one of the only movies I’ve loved for three decades so far.

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